Aw. It is actually hard to brace a full-on-storm after so much drought. These are obvious rain classics - but I'm dedicating them to LA for LA-specific reasons. It's gonna be ok!💦💙☔️ But, it IS really raining out there... so a longer playlist will probably be needed😉
  1. Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage
    There has been an AWFUL drought! There is reason to be happy! And for every silly person who just 'loves rain' & yet for some reason lives in LA, this is your moment! Laugh as people struggle with the umbrella they forgot was broken after not having to use it for two years! Laugh as they try to ford the rivers that rise in the middle of Larchmont as if their Lexus is a WWII DUKW amphibious vehicle! This rain is GOOD, so deal with it, people!
  2. Blame it on the Rain - Milli Vanilli
    In LA, there is going to be a lot of this blame happening. That being said, our roads & houses weren't constructed for "weather" - so it SUCKS. Plus, sun and drought has fried everything - so get ready for floods and people realizing their cars have been baked into not being waterproof. Speaking of waterproof- how will anyone go outside? No one has those shoes!
  3. No Rain - Blind Melon
    This is a song about a guy drinking tea and sleeping all day - reading books and struggling to find satisfaction via his lazy lifestyle. He doesn't know what he wants, ultimately - but he thinks he wants you. He worried about the drought - but only so much that he posted about agricultural water use on Facebook. I know this guy. He is every other guy I meet in LA. If you need someone with whom to cuddle through the storm - he is out there & kinda happy about this weather.
  4. November Rain - Guns n' Roses
    Well, it's January - but HEY we didn't have rain in November, nor did we have this GNR reunion at Coachella (which I won't go to unless someone pays me and takes me in a helicopter) announcement! Take care of your friends - it's going to be hard to hold together now that it's actually cold and actually raining. But it's okay if you need to hide out, get cozy, and have some time all alone. Everybody needs some time on their own.