Inspired by @alanarogerrrrs suggesting Kiss Off on a list @virginialee wrote in Oct about 'songs that have stuttering in them' that @elooto relisted yesterday. I giggled because that stutter is within a *list* I LOVE to sing/shout. I left him🎉, but this one goes out to my ex who'd yell at me while I had migraine attacks & all your crap exes 😘💀 I take:
  1. •
    One, one 'cause you left me. And
  2. •
    two, two for my family. And
  3. •
    three, three for my heartache. And
  4. •
    four, four for my headaches. And
  5. •
    five, five for my lonely. And
  6. •
    six, six for my sorrow. And
  7. •
    seven for no tomorrow. And
  8. •
    eight, I forget what eight was for but
  9. •
    nine, nine for the lost gods.
  10. •
    ten, ten, ten for everything, everything, everything