Even though our COOL lives and goals obviously transcend year markers, at the end of the year I start getting nostalgic or wishing I could go back & improve the year I'm in - BUT WE CAN'T! So, I'm trying to get excited about our future. What about you? Something tiny? Something BIG? πŸŽ‰
  1. β€’
    Man Seeking Woman returns with S2
    This show is so so great. Only the surrealism it explores can describe the indescribable reality of 'dating' - I was so impressed with last season. I can't wait! Its existence almost makes dating more bearable. It makes my existence more bearable, knowing these brains are here on earth with me.
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    I'm getting an occipital nerve block (I know, I know - that doesn't sound fun)
    I am going to get this procedure next month that is easy & no one thought of, until I stumbled upon it and asked my doctors. Based my symptoms matching - it could possibly stop or ease the headache I've had every moment of every day for 8 years & help explain why I'm having it! That would be AMAZING. Hope is exciting. Otherwise, I continue my detective work on the matter.
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    I'm gonna make something really good!
    Something I feel good about. Maybe some THINGS! I can feel it. And it's because I've been working on it... not just sitting around and telling myself it's gonna happen. Let's see what happens, hm? ☺️