Even though our COOL lives and goals obviously transcend year markers, at the end of the year I start getting nostalgic or wishing I could go back & improve the year I'm in - BUT WE CAN'T! So, I'm trying to get excited about our future. What about you? Something tiny? Something BIG? 🎉
  1. Man Seeking Woman returns with S2
    This show is so so great. Only the surrealism it explores can describe the indescribable reality of 'dating' - I was so impressed with last season. I can't wait! Its existence almost makes dating more bearable. It makes my existence more bearable, knowing these brains are here on earth with me.
  2. I'm getting an occipital nerve block (I know, I know - that doesn't sound fun)
    I am going to get this procedure next month that is easy & no one thought of, until I stumbled upon it and asked my doctors. Based my symptoms matching - it could possibly stop or ease the headache I've had every moment of every day for 8 years & help explain why I'm having it! That would be AMAZING. Hope is exciting. Otherwise, I continue my detective work on the matter.
  3. I'm gonna make something really good!
    Something I feel good about. Maybe some THINGS! I can feel it. And it's because I've been working on it... not just sitting around and telling myself it's gonna happen. Let's see what happens, hm? ☺️