I like lots of stuff. This'll be a long one
  1. Long books, specifically hardcovers
  2. Leaves. Crunchy orange ones or bright new green ones, I don't care.
  3. Pine Scented Candles
  4. Mochas. Mostly from Peet's
  5. Chicken Parmesan
  6. Big comfy sweaters
  7. Rain. Lots of thunder and lightning
  8. New notebooks and pens
  9. Listening to someone talk about something they are super passionate about.
  10. Red Lipstick that stays on.
  11. New black leggings
  12. Headphones that don't tangle
  13. Being home alone and listening to vinyl
  14. Having free time
  15. Sweating out frustration
  16. Buying things I really love, especially if I've never seen anything like them
  17. Holding hands
  18. Getting my nails professionally done.
  19. Black dresses
  20. My Doc Martins Boots
  21. Tortoise Shell glasses
  22. Wearing tights on freshly shaved legs (seriously awesome)