How we're the exact opposites.
  1. Penis to Vagina
    The same muscular system exists in both forms, just on opposite ends of the same system. The penis is exterior, & the vagina is interior.
  2. Foreskin to Uterus
    The foreskin on the male form is the uterus for the female forms.
  3. Ovaries to Balls
    Ovaries are inside, the balls are outside...both provide the counterparts required to procreate.
  4. Vas deferens to Fallopian tubes
    The plumbing is the same up until the seminal vesicle (Uterine tube in women...not used for the same reasons as the chemicals decided what went where during pregnancy) in the male form links to the only opening, the urethra.
  5. Estrogen to Testosterone
    Depending on the individual levels of each within any of our bodies will determine that individual forms chemical engineering. Like snowflakes, our inner workings are unique per our form. We're all in the same boat here, it's the chemicals that define our body forms...the FORM of the body itself...who we each are will be decided as we grow.