Ironically, most of these came from my father; a dog catcher, tractor-trailer mechanic, landscaper, junk peddler at the local flea markets and the greatest guy I have ever known. All at the same time...
  1. Everyone can sing.
    I started out, singing into a spiral notebook, hand scribbled lyrics hastily finished a few hours before the first keg party I ever played. I spent the next 30 years just singing. Making my voice bend to my will. Everyone CAN sing.
  2. Reality is relative.
    A wise friend once told me that, to place a value upon an opinion or a belief of another person that is greater or less than the opinions or beliefs of others is to truly miss the point of how beautiful our world can be.
  3. Breathe...
    So many times, I have started over. So many nights placed my head on the table and felt my tears roll from my eyes onto the cool polished wood. So many days I thought I would never make it. So many times I felt I wasn't good enough. Then, I began to breathe. Allowing all of the stresses of life to fade into the cadence of my gentle respiration.
  4. Never judge another's situation based upon your own..
    Nuff said.
  5. Don't be afraid to be goofy.
    Our goofiness can heal us.