I have seen so many shows, played countless gigs, been to clubs, house parties, and arenas in many places of the US. so these are just a few of my highlights.. Please share yours!!! -AD
  1. Kiss, 1979- Cow Palace, San Francisco CA.
    My very first concert. Tickets were general admission, $8.50. One of those shows that, to explain it to someone who has never seen a full makeup Kiss show, is to waste ones time explaining...
  2. Kiss, 1996- Star Amphitheater, Dallas Texas
    Show #6 of the Reunion tour, the first time all members had played a full makeup show in 16 years. Twice in a lifetime experience...
  3. The Big Four, 2011, Indio, CA
    At the time, this was the only show in the country that had Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica all on the same bill. There would later be a New York show added. But this show was historic. And VIP passes always help!!
  4. QueensRyche, opening for Dio, 1984- Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA
    This was queensryche's first tour, as well as the first tour for Ronnie James Dio's new solo band. Turned me on to two of the very best metal singers in the business and started me on the path to becoming a vocalist.
  5. Megadeth, 1998- Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento CA
    This was the first show back in my home town after being away for a decade. It was also the first big concert my future wife and I saw together. Great weekend!
  6. Dream Theater, 2011- The Warfield, San Francisco, CA
    One of the most technically awe inspiring bands.
  7. V-103's Rockfest, 2014- Sacramento CA
    The first big festival show I played with my local band, Skin of Saints... We outsold everyone in tickets, got a great time slot, with full light show, and had a great night!
  8. Y&T, New Years Eve, 2015- Ace of Spades, Sacramento CA
    My final show with Skin of Saints, as direct support for Y&T, to a sold out crowd of nearly 1,000.. A wonderful night and bittersweet end to 4 years of great music and even Better fans!!!