1. Sea World trainer that gets launched off Shamu and the Dolphins.
    Still sounds like a blast except as I got older i was exposed to the cruelty behind some if it.
  2. Entertainment Lawyer
    So I could be wealthy and have the power to make deals for artists I believed in.
  3. Creator of fireworks shows.
    Because they're visually appealing and I'd get to safely blow shit up. Turns out it's mostly math/science though...
  4. Professional Dancer & Athlete
    Because I'd get to be active all the time + challenge myself and inspire others + have a team of people who always cared about my full wellbeing and helping me get to my personal best.
  5. Director/Producer/On Camera talent in music videos
    Creative outlet.
  6. Director/Producer of action sports, music, adventure, and art experiences.
    The excitement, adrenaline rush, cool humans, and down to earth fun environments.
  7. Show host where I get to do all the crazy ideas/experience we come up with in our heads with friends + meet interesting folks and learn more + connect and talk with people about important topics for living a meaningful, fun, and healthy life.
    Basically combine everything into one.
  8. A Dog
    Living the life