These are a few of my favorite Q's

All the best words start with Q.
  1. Query
    Because asking is so pedestrian.
  2. Quixotic
    A Q and an X. Swoon.
  3. Quinine
    Just enough to complement the gin, not enough to do you in.
  4. Quaffed
    Quaffed, guzzled, slurped, it's all good.
  5. Queue
    Ue ue ue ue ue.
  6. Quaalude
    Nothing better than two a's, right up against each other.
  7. Quickie
    Sometimes hits the spot.
  8. Quip
    The wittier the better.
  9. Quiddich
    Thank you, JK.
  10. Quirky
    My favorites are the quirky ones.
  11. Quake
    When a simple shake just won't do.
  12. Qualm
    No qualms is better than some.
  13. Qi
    Comes in handy when you're lacking a U.
  14. Quell
    More quash than quiet.
  15. Qwerty
    A word for the top row of the typewriter keys? What will they think of next.
  16. Quiche