Inquiring minds want to know. Who has this life hack??? I know one of you does.
  1. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion $5-6
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    Can be found on the bottom shelf of CVS or online. It's affordable and was recommended by a few dermatologist. It's a bit thick but can handle any/all dry skin issues.
    Suggested by @MissKimiya
  2. L'Occitane Shea Butter Body Lotion
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    This is great! I apply liberally when I get out of the shower.
    Suggested by @MissKimiya
  3. Cetaphil cream in the tub
    My derm in Bev Hills said it's the best!
    Suggested by @element75
  4. I also mix Bio-Oil in with the Cetaphil cream I mentioned above.
    Suggested by @element75
  5. Nivea Creme: the best. Aquaphor: the best. Use Nivea everyday. Use aquaphor 3 days on the driest, itchiness spots and viola. The spot will be better. Have 20+ jars in various sizes anywhere and everywhere. Both can be used on your face too😃
    Suggested by @mcnealstepien
  6. Coconut Oil
    Plain and simple . You can slather it everywhere and there is 0 chemicals not to mention it has antiseptic and anti aging properties.
    Suggested by @Celina
  7. Kiehls Creme de Corps. Been using it since I was 12 and haven't found anything better. Thick, unscented, fast-absorbing. Comes in a giant size that will last you through the election 💫💫💫
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    Suggested by @carey
  8. Coconut oil, almond oil or shea butter. Kiehls creme is good too but too $ imo.
    Suggested by @stars
  9. Coconut oil!
    Life changing. I mix a little dab into my normal day and night moisturizers for face, body, hands, and it's so great by itself on my scalp and the ends of my hair.
    Suggested by @avecsarah
  10. Fig+Yarrow Bath + Body oil. Works and smells amazing
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    Suggested by @emroth
  11. L'occitaine Shea butter is amazing 👍🏼
    Suggested by @jesserker
  12. Neutragena Norwegian formula hand cream is ✔️➕
    Suggested by @copperoranges
  13. Eucerin Eczema Relief
    Great for sensitive skin. Not the nicest smell, but my skin tends to react to fragrant lotions. Putting it on my skin is like wrapping my body in a blanket of moisture.
    Suggested by @existential
  14. Caudalie divine oil is a winner as is bliss body butter, kiehls body butter (the tubs), rahua body oil, and aromatica calendula juicy cream from Peach and Lily! 💓, your friendly list app beauty writer
    Suggested by @sarajanenyc
  15. Neutragena (sp?!) Rainbath
    My mom always had it in her shower when I was a kid, I would experimentally put it on when I asked to take a shower in their big fancy one but was confused as to why it was so liquidy and I would always accidentally put on too much and she totally knew I used it. My mom is 55 and looks 35 so it works.
    Suggested by @lael
  16. I have pretty dry skin and hours after applying this my skin still feels soft
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    Suggested by @treezus
  17. Just plain Aveeno. On face too.
    Suggested by @mollyebnorton
  18. Aveeno
    Suggested by @notme
  19. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion
    Not fancy but reasonably priced and works best for me! 😊
    Suggested by @kate81
  20. Cetaphil - cream not lotion. Big difference!
    Suggested by @justeves
  21. La Prarie skin caviar luxe cream!!!!!!!!
    Suggested by @andycohen
  22. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body Lotion. It's fair trade, cruelty free, and amazingly affordable - found at most drugstores.
    Suggested by @thewendy
  23. Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter
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    Available in boots in the uk - highly recommended and the smell - you might be tempted to eat it!
    Suggested by @elguester
  24. Gold Bond Ultimate healing lotion - by far the best lotion I've used!
    Suggested by @davis6jl
  25. This will change your life. And by life I mean skin.
    Suggested by @Equivokate
  26. I second Caudalie Divine Oil. Also Fresh Sugar Oil or Earth Tu Face Coconut Body Butter
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    Suggested by @JR
  27. Charity Pot from Lush! Smells yummy, makes your skin super soft AND 100% of proceeds goes to grassroots charities!
    Suggested by @SpaceCase
  28. Epionce Extreme Barrier! The science behind it is amazing.
    Suggested by @olivharr
  29. Nivea cream in the blue bottle or Eucerin
    Suggested by @higgsta
  30. Shikai Borage Therapy
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    It's not cheap, but it works wonders. They have different options, depending on what you need (body lotion, hand cream, foot cream, etc...)
    Suggested by @betsybasom
  31. If you have extremely dry itchy patches, Eucerin Cream in the tub (the original) mixed half and half with over the counter cortisone cream. It was recommended by my son's doctor years ago, and we've been using it since then. Great for hands that get dry and cracked in winter.
    Suggested by @holly70
  32. Jojoba Oil
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    Hands down the best moisturizer, especially after shaving...........Known as Nature’s Multi-Tasker, Jojoba Oil is ideal for healthily hydrating skin and hair because it mimics the natural oils our bodies produce, but purely natural moisture is only the beginning…
    Suggested by @TigerT