1. Fish oil (2/day)
    (EPA 400 mg) So important to take this right before you start eating so you don't have the famous fish oil burps.
  2. Astaxanthin (2/day)
    (4 mgs each) Helps with hair, eyelashes, and nails. Took me a year to learn how to spell. Take with food.
  3. Folic acid (1/day)
    This is apparently a good vitamin for women to take...? I'm gullible and each of these vitamins is proof of that. Take with food.
  4. Probiotic (1/day)
    I take it before I eat breakfast and hope it helps everything just work better...I guess those are lofty expectations for a probiotic.
  6. Vitamin D (1/day)
    2,000 IU (which is apparently a unit), with food, cause I'm never in the sun enough.
  7. Iron (1/day)
    (22 mg) I want bones? For as long as I'm alive? I just noticed literally this moment that my Iron has vitamin B in it which means I'm probably poisoning myself in addition to the B I'm also taking...
  8. Viviscal (2/day)
    I heard supermodels take it for their hair. So, down the rabbit hole I went! Per the instructions, I take it towards the end of my meal.
  9. Vitamin B (2/day)
    Take with food. Just seems like a good idea if people get shots of it when they're hungover...
  10. Oregano Oil, Zinc Picolinate, and Ester-C when I'm feeling sick
    My vocal coach told me to. And I trust her about everything. So.
  11. 250 mgs of MOLLY EVERY DAY BRO