Haven't made a new finds list in a while...

These are some things I'm loving right now❤️
  1. Always looking for great drinks! I like all the flavors, this one is my favorite 👍🏻
  2. This shampoo/conditioner! I've tried them all- this one is the best and it's cheap🙌🏻
  3. This is what I wear in the summer on my face. It's a tinted sunscreen. It comes out light purple and blends with your skin tone. I add a little powder on top👏🏻
  4. Love these cropped Eva Varro black pants for summer so much, I bought 2 pair. Not cheap- but worth the money👌🏻
  5. When I want to give my nails a break; this cuticle oil + Nail Tek + OPI top coat✌🏻
  6. This CD for my car! From the 2:22 movie. Mix of songs/instrumentals...all beautiful🤛🏻