I'm so particular.
  1. A made bed. It has to be made perfectly with all the throw pillows in place.
  2. All the laundry done!
  3. Doing something artistic. Drawing, painting, or making something with my hands.
  4. Finishing my to do list.
  5. A long hike on a chilly day.
  6. Hours of quiet time all by myself.
  7. Museums with Brandon.
  8. Coffee. Lots of coffee.❤️
  9. Seeing a movie in the theater. Must have popcorn and a Coke Icee!
  10. Watching any of the Christian Bale Batman movies.
  11. Quoting Newsies with Brandon.
  12. Concerts. I love live music.
  13. Research. Knowing about things I'm into makes me so happy.
  14. Binders. I'm basically like Leslie Knope.