An Embarrassingly Earnest and Clichéd List of Real Things I Have Learned from an Asshole B-List Comicbook Superhero -OR- How Guy Gardner Got Me Through 2006
  1. Have fun.
  2. Be loud.
  3. Drink beer.
  4. Make friends.
  5. Love sports.
  6. Read comics.
  7. Love your job.
  8. Be funny.
    even when it’s hard
  9. Celebrate your own greatness.
  10. Hit on people — don’t let rejection get you down.
    Remember, you're great!
  11. Haters are gonna hate.
  12. Believe in something greater than yourself.
    Like your bff or the Green Lantern Corps or the Orioles
  13. Sometimes you should listen to authority figures… but most of the time they can shut the fuck up.
  14. Your real friends love you despite how loud and annoying you are.
  15. Sometimes, you have to work together with people you don’t like. And sometimes you’ll find out that people who seem like total toolbags aren’t so bad after all.
  16. Most people will forgive you when you’re an asshole, but some people won’t.
    And that's how you learn, babe.
  17. No matter how much of a fuck-up you are; confidence, tenacity, and sincerity can help you succeed.
  18. You’re awesome. So don’t stop fighting and don’t stop having fun.