1. A buddy cop comedy where Detective Solo is too old for this shit.
    Skywalker is the rookie and Chewie is their loyal K9
  2. A story about an aging cutthroat businessman father ready to retire and trying to pass the family business on to his hippy son
  3. A post apocalyptic YA novel
  4. That Buffy episode where all of the adventures are in her head
    Obi Wan Kenobi is Buffy
  5. A mob movie
    "That's the Tatooine Way!"
  6. Basically Harry Potter, but Hogwarts is the Jedi Academy
    No one wants to be sorted into Sith House
  7. Exactly the same story, but Leia is the protagonist instead of Luke.
  8. An inspirational baseball story, where the Rebels are a poor high school team that's never won the state championship.
    And the Emperors are a rich private school that wins every year.
  9. An exploration of the nature of humanity based on the master/slave dynamic between droids and their owners
    So Blade Runner then?
  10. A muppet movie
    in the style of 'Muppet Treasure Island'
  11. Like The Godfather but with Jabba the Hutt instead of Vito Corleone
    Suggested by @ChrisK