From a very goal-oriented, realistic, down to earth kinda gal with totally achievable dreams
  1. Age 0: Alive and out of Mom's womb, assuming that's a good place to start
  2. Age 2: The Boss of someone, preferably Grandpa
  3. Age 5: A novelist of poorly spelled short stories
  4. Age 6: An artist, specializing in portraits of mostly dogs and my family
  5. Age 8: A marine biologist, but only the fun kind that swims and communicates telepathically with dolphins
  6. Age 10: The First Female President of the United States. But only if I got to be the first obviously ☝🏼️
  7. Age 12: A fashion designer. PINK AND ORANGE ERRYTHANG
  8. Age 13: A professional soccer player, but then I realized I hate running
  9. Age 15: The CW's America's Next Top Model (still open to being discovered!)
  10. Age 17: Small business owner and adoptive mother of 10 beagles
  11. Age 18: A professional student because college!!! 🍻🍻🍻
  12. Age 19: A human rights lawyer and social activist!
  13. Age 20: The kind of lawyer that makes a lot of money
  14. Age 21: Anything but a lawyer
  15. Age 22: An underground blogger/YouTuber gone viral, turned famous, labeled genius, turned movie star and platinum recording artist
  16. Age 23: ALL OF THE ABOVE! ...and still holding out for ANTM 😎