Okay; I know I quote "The Office" every day...but there are many more shows I reference on a daily basis that people ALSO "don't get."
  1. Justified
    Raylan, Boyd, Art, Tim. Raylan taught me to kick a gun away from the person who shoots at you and misses after you shoot them correctly, just in case they have a little life left in them. I've used this valuable technique on no occasions. But I still know it.
  2. Psych
    Shawn, Gus...the bromance to end all bromances. "I'm Shawn and this is my partner, Ghee Buttersnaps, aka 'The Heater.'" Need I say more?
  3. South Park
    This show portrays our society in the most intensely cringe worthy fashion. That is to say: realistically.
  4. Six Feet Under
    The best ending to any show I've ever watched. It was perfectly executed and I think about it all the time. Not to mention the show's 5 brilliant seasons of content which shed light on the hardest part of death: surviving.
  5. Wheel of Fortune
    I like this show because to the observant, it's not easy or won strictly with luck: it's formulaic. There are only so many words, phrases, and letters in our language. Every puzzle is a race against myself to work out the word or phrase in the puzzle as quickly as possible. And it is a challenge. Because the answer cannot be literally anything.