Today is the 150th anniversary of Canada's existence. Haven't seen any lists about this today. There has to be at least one, so here we go. We do have @MissLorre 's series of top 10 Canadian lists, but they preceded the actual day.
  1. There is a mixed reaction to this day.
    The newspapers are full of ads for 15% off sales (where are the 150% off sales?), full page congratulatory ads from car companies and banks, and opinion pieces about how we can make Canada better by 2050.
  2. The aboriginal community is hopping on this day to point out either that Canada has existed for thousands of years, or that it was created through theft of aboriginal lands.
    Canada has a shameful record of treatment of aboriginals. I don't think this is something that any sane person would deny. So there is an awareness, but that has not been fully turned into a change in approach. Promises are made but not always kept. Now although the northern part of the North American landmass has been here for thousands (millions?) of years, Canada as a country has been here for 150 years, and even less in its current format.
  3. The federal government is spending the usual millions of dollars on events throughout the year, including the creation of a large synthetic duck which is touring the country, but it seems that for most people this birthday is merely an excuse to drink more beer and light fireworks.
    If you know what the duck thing is about, please tell me.
  4. It's raining today, so that has probably put a damper on things.
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  5. I'm kind of glad that we haven't turned this into a glorification of our existence. It hasn't become a patriotic flag waving frenzy. Very Canadian approach. I saw a chart in a newspaper showing that we rank near the bottom of the list of innovative developed countries. We are aware of both our strengths and weaknesses.
    This seems to be true across the political spectrum.
  6. I just realized that what we are missing now is the McKenzie brothers.