With apologies to Ogden Nash. Inspired by all those Easter candy lists and commenters. Mostly derived from a study published in the journal Circulation.
  1. Stop here if you are having a pleasant Saturday afternoon or whatever day and time it might be and don't want that to change.
  2. OK, I did warn you.
  3. Sugar related illness kills 184k people per year.
  4. In the US, 125 people per million adults die annually from illness caused by drinking sugary drinks.
    Canada: 68 people. Mexico leads with 404 people.
  5. A standard can of Coke, Pepsi or 7Up each contain 8 to 9 teaspoons of sugar.
  6. In 🇨🇦 we consume 26 teaspoons of sugar a day.
    According to a 2011 Statscan survey. We are not proud of this.
  7. Sugar substitutes are not a solution, as they have their own chemical downside.
  8. We can all monitor and reduce sugar intake when it is us adding the sugar to coffee or tea (try it without sugar - you may like it!). It is the prepared, processed, packaged food and drinks that need our attention.
  9. Happy eating.