This list, that is.
  1. First came this fennel heart, so stalwart in the sunlight.
  2. The fennel heart, in the sunlight
    (@listbot Please tell me why my photo is of the whole fennel heart, but when I add it to this List, I have to choose only a portion of the photo to display. I chose to include the top at the expense of the bottom.)
  3. Did you know that Edwin Arlington Robinson (his friends knew him as EA) included a fennel in his poem, The Garden?
    Nor did I.
  4. And that poem provided the title for this list.
    This is not a poem I knew before today.
  5. The Garden, by EA Robinson
    There is a fenceless garden overgrown With buds and blossoms and all sorts of leaves; And once, among the roses and the sheaves, The Gardener and I were there alone.
  6. He led me to the plot where I had thrown The fennel of my days on wasted ground, And in that riot of sad weeds I found The fruitage of a life that was my own.
  7. My life! Ah, yes, there was my life, indeed! And there were all the lives of humankind; And they were like a book that I could read, Whose every leaf, miraculously signed, Outrolled itself from Thought’s eternal seed.
    Love-rooted in God’s garden of the mind.