I've avoided listing about the app itself - I think it is a bad sign when the technology or tool becomes the subject of discourse rather than the content itself. But anyway...
  1. In the beginning, I didn't upgrade. Why should I? I was on 9.something, I didn't need to use the caps lock key, confetti I can live without, there were none of these entries about someone who hadn't listed recently.... all was good.
  2. One day a few weeks ago I noticed that the notification feature didn't seem to be working.
    I had new comments, but there was no little number beside the ❤️ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. I wrote the support people to see what was going on.
    The reply: we notice you are on an older version. Just update and everything will be fine.
  4. What, me update? No thanks.
  5. A while later, my feed wasn't working. This was right around the release of IOS 10.
    I knew what the answer from Support would be. And I was getting tired of the IOS nagging.
  6. So I upgraded the IOS, and the List app as well.
    Then I started reading about all the issues others were having.
  7. I also noticed that on the App Store, the List app was telling me to upgrade.
    But I just did upgrade! Maybe there had just been another release?
  8. I needed to find out what release I was now on, to compare it to the one I was being asked to download. Easier said than done! There didn't seem to be an "About " link.
    I found the link to send a message to Support. And there, pre populated in the message I was to send, was my release number! So that is how I found it, and how you can too: go to your home page, tap the gear, scroll way down to Contact Us, and you will see your release number in the email you can send.
  9. So it turns out I don't have the latest latest version. The feed looks chronological, as usual. I don't have a list of people I can message. I can re-list, although initially I had to go to your home page and access your list from there in order to do that.
    So maybe the re-list function was straightened out. No one is "curating" what I see, and, by the way, I object to the use of that word outside of art galleries. But I still have to use the caps lock now.
  10. The best technology is unobtrusive.