Warning: this is directed at iPhone users, and it might get a little technical.
  1. iMessage is Apple's way to let you send text messages to other Apple product users via Internet instead of via the conventional text protocol.
    Not sure what the purpose of this was. It might date from the time when phone plans had restrictions on the number of text messages you could send per month. iMessages don't count toward that total.
  2. In order for iMessage to work, you need to have iMessage turned on, and an Internet connection.
    IMessage is turned on or off in Settings - Messages. Internet means either a wifi connection, or having Data turned on.
  3. The person you are sending the iMessage to also has to have these conditions, and have an Apple device, of course.
  4. So now to the heart of the matter - what happens to the iMessage if one of you (sender or receiver) meets these conditions but the other doesn't? Or vice versa?
    Does the iMessage get transmitted successfully but as a regular text message, or does it fail?
  5. Apple says it gets transmitted successfully but as a regular text message.
    I actually went to an Apple Store to find this out, since, surprisingly, I couldn't find anything online.
  6. But that's not my experience.
    By default I leave iMessage off, and I've had trouble sending texts to some iPhone users who have it on.
  7. So here is question, O iPhone Users: is it an issue for you, or am I the only iPhone user to encounter this?
    Or maybe I am the only iPhone user who has iMessage and cellular data switched off. If you have these on, and so does everyone else with an iPhone that you text, then you are probably fine.
  8. If you are not sure if you are using iMessage, you can check Settings - Messages. Or, look at the colour of your text bubbles. The iMessage ones are blue.
  9. If you have had this problem, please leave a comment. If you have had this problem but have resolved it, please please leave a comment.
    The iPhone is the only Apple device I own, so I can't test this with my other Apple devices.
  10. An interesting sidelight: whereas predictive texting will normally suggest words such as iPhone and iMessage as you start to type them, it isn't making those suggestions as I type this list.
    Those Apple servers must know that I am questioning their ecosystem and don't want any part of it.