While searching on my shelf for another book, I came across this one, which is the genesis of this list:
  1. Static
    I didn't even know I owned this book; clearly an indicator that I have too many books.
  2. Since you are using this App, you probably have an interest in lists. So take notice that before there was a List App, there were List Books.
    They differed from the List App in that it was harder to add your own lists to them, or to comment on the author's ones.
  3. In the List App, what constitutes a List is up to the lister. We have conventional lists, and also narrative ones, descriptive ones, expository ones, pictorial ones, and poetic ones, to name a few.
    The List Books I am referring to are of the more conventional variety, as illustrated by my sample book:
  4. My sample book pictured above was published in hardcover by Stein & Day in 1982, before you were born.
    The "list" price was $14.95, but the little sticker on the cover indicates that I, or the person who stuck it on my book shelf when I wasn't looking, bought it for $3. The book trade is not an easy one.
  5. A small sample from the hundreds of lists that are in this book:
  6. The 29 most popular Jewish movies of all time : (top three are) Blazing Saddles, Ten Commandments, Fiddler on the Roof.
    A "Jewish" movie is one that features Jewish characters; ranking is by rental fees paid to the distributor.
  7. Three Jews who won baseball's MVP award: Hank Greenberg (2X), Al Rosen, Sandy Koufax.
    And I thought Al Rosen was an accountant.
  8. For all you Jew haters out there, there is a list of Six Common Prejudices Against Jews; an 8 page Chronology of American Anti-Semitism, and a list of Three Derogatory Epithets for the Jews Originated by Jews.
    Sheeny, Kike, and Vuzvuz, if you must know, although I still don't recommend using them even if they are Jewish in origin.
  9. Those interested in humour @BillNovak might enjoy the 104 Jewish Comedians and Humorists list.
    These include Curly at #28, Larry at 58, Moe at 73,and Shemp at 90. The author does not explain the order ranking, but it appears to be alphabetical by last name, if you have one, and by first name, if you don't.
  10. Please add your own treasured List Books.
    It would be great if we could do this without including the Book of Awesome. I have nothing against that book other than its title.