My brother Bill is in the hospital after experiencing a sudden pain and spending the requisite penitential time in the emergency waiting room. Hopefully he will be out soon.
  1. When I was an adolescent, he was the oldest male in our house.
  2. I used to spend time in his room, lying on his bed, reading his books.
    He would be sitting at the built in desk in that room, doing schoolwork perhaps. But definitely sitting at the desk.
  3. One of those books was Kerouac's On the Road, which lead to a later period of fascination with the rest of the Kerouac oeuvre and the Beat poets in general.
    Much of my cultural and literary development took place in his room.
  4. We used to play a lot of chess, although that may have started a bit later.
    This is also something that has lasted for many subsequent years, although living in different cities means we don't play against each other. Yes, there is online chess, but for some reason that didn't catch on with us. I have though played online chess with computers and other humans.
  5. We also sang songs and played instruments together, with our 3rd brother: Kingston Trio, Limeliters, Weavers, PP&M.
    I'm dating myself.
  6. Much of my musical development stemmed from those early sibling sessions.
  7. To those of you who List your sibling as your best friend or feel that way, this is a beautiful thing. Even if you don't, work at keeping the relationship at least tolerable.
  8. I was having dinner tonight with my other sibling, and Bill wished he was there. So did I.
  9. There is a phrase from what I had imagined was a Grateful Dead song: my brother Bill... It's not the morbid song. The next verse is about "my relative x".
    If you know this song, please let me know in a comment.
  10. I find it strange and not entirely to my liking that appreciation of relationships is triggered more by moments of trauma than by their regular existence.
    Of course Joni Mitchell said it better in Pave Paradise.