I only knew her through this app. And you have probably read dozens of this kind of list already. For me, it is an opportunity to reflect on the enjoyment of having known this person.
  1. Biz gave me a hard time because I wasn't following her. It didn't matter that I thought I was.
    This was way back when; I scrolled through my notifications but couldn't find the dialogue. She said she really wanted me to follow her (or words to that effect) although I never found out why that was. Perhaps it was how she was feeling at that moment - I think her lists were things of the moment. I said I thought I already was. She said, "No, I checked". I told her I would be proud to follow her (a line from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' The Yearling- movie also recommended). And I did. And was.
  2. We seemed to share a love of shoes
    Her list The Evolution of My Shoe Choice... THE EVOLUTION OF MY SHOE CHOICE FOR WEDDING featured a wonderful pair that had a hidden sea creature shape in them. Check out the list and see if you can see it (do this before reading the comments).
  3. We seemed to share some musical tastes
    Her list Songs I've Heard Tonight SONGS I'VE HEARD TONIGHT includes the Dar Williams song, O Canada Girls. I didn't know anything about this person so I asked Biz about that song (in part because as a 🇨🇦 it piqued my interest. She provided a You Tube link to it. You may want to have a listen to this beautiful song, which for me now is associated with her.
  4. Musical tastes II
    I will mention however that it is a melancholy song so if you listen to it you will probably cry. But beautiful and worth it. It includes a couple of lines that may explain its appeal to her. E.g. "Everyone had her own mountain " and the enigmatic "If I did not dream who would you be."
  5. To those of you who expressed regret that you made comments to Biz that disagreed with her - my thought would be that she spoke her mind and probably expected others to do so as well.
    And we should all continue to express our opinions, and work at doing so with respect.
  6. Biz, may your memory be for a blessing.