Stevie Wonder has had a long career, going back to the days when he was Little Stevie Wonder. Some of his best songs were a while ago so some of you youngins may not be familiar with them. Please have a listen to get the full impact of these great lyrics and tunes.
  1. Heaven is Ten zillion light years away
    Stevie answers one of the great existential questions: "Where is your god? Inside please let him be I say it's taken him so long cause we've got so far to come."
  2. Big Brother
    A protest song that does not protest, but seems to just state the facts in a resigned way. "You've killed all our leaders, I don't even have to do nothin' to you, You'll cause your own country to fall."
  3. Blame it on the Sun
    Hard to pick out a lyric from this beautifully written song of love and regret, but, "I'll blame it on the day that ended once too soon - I'll blame it on the nights that could not be - But, my heart blames it on me."
  4. I Wish
    Infectious funk rhythm in a song of childhood memories. " You grow up and learn that kinda thing ain't right - But while you were doin' it, it sure felt outta sight - I wish those days could come back once more.
  5. Superstition
    OK, you probably know this one, but it still belongs on this list cause it's a great Stevie Wonder song.
  6. I Believe
    Stevie the true romantic: "When the truths of love are planted firm - They won't be hard to find - And the words of love I speak to you - Will echo in my mind." And a great tune to boot.
  7. Most of these are from his Talking Book album. Lots of others to choose from. Suggestions welcome.