It only took 149 years to decide. 151 by the time it actually happens.
  1. We've never put a Canadian woman on our paper currency.
    I guess we don't have any worthy women in our country? I can't really think of any other reason why we haven't.
  2. Recently we had a look to see if there were any women who might deserve this honour.
    There were 26,000 submissions. This is even more than the 10,292 that New Zealand got when they decided to redesign their flag. YOU THINK YOUR LIST IS LONG?
  3. This resulted in 461 nominees.
    26,000 submissions doesn't necessarily mean that there were that many qualified nominees: duplicates, people nominating their mother.... don't know how the nominees got selected.
  4. There were five finalists.
    A poet, a suffragette, an engineer, a 1928 Olympic medalist, and Viola Desmond, who went to a movie in 1946.
  5. She happened to go to a movie in a segregated theatre.
    ... and sat in the Whites section, which was closer to the screen. Her eyesight wasn't great.
  6. She was dragged out of the theatre, arrested, and jailed for 12 hours.
    She was convicted of an unrelated offence and fined $26.
  7. The provincial government pardoned her in 2010, 45 years after her death.
    Shame on you, Nova Scotia, home to one of the larger Black communities in Canada.
  8. If this makes you think of Rosa Parks, you could make that analogy.
    Ms Desmond though just wanted to get back to running her beauty school. She saw education rather than protest as her life mission.
  9. She will appear on the $10 bill in 2018.
    C'mon, we've waited this long, what's another year or two?
  10. The current figure on the $10 bill will get booted upstairs.
    To the $20 bill. And the $20 person to the $50 bill, etc. Eventually someone in the higher echelons will be retired.
  11. Is this one of those Better late than never situations?
    I guess so. Hopefully we will get to the point where it won't be such a big deal.