I live in a city known for its ethnic diversity. It has a couple of large Chinatowns, altho as part of its diversity, not all the stores are run by ethic Chinese. There are other Asian groups as well. The clothing stores are known for cheap but decent stuff: 5 cotton T shirts for $10. And brands you've not heard of but might be popular in Dubai.
  1. One store carries Ocean Pacific pants. Is this a real brand? I have no idea. The pants are extremely light weight but not flimsy, so they are great for summer when you need to look somewhat respectable. They come in straight or cargo pant versions. I haven't seen them for sale anywhere else, and they are $10.
    (Some bonus clothing advice for all you men, if you can find this brand.)
  2. I was at this store a couple of weeks ago with my relative. The clothes are displayed on the sidewalk, with more inside. We looked outside, then I went in. My relative came in a couple of minutes later.
    My relative is from Latin America.
  3. The store owner said (to me? I'm not sure), "What is he doing here?" Or maybe she asked him what he was doing there.
    I said something like, "He's with me." That seemed to be a mollifying answer. Not sure why I said that. A better answer might have been, "This is a store, isn't it? Maybe he wants to buy something."
  4. Back to the present. My relative was going to be back in that area today. I asked him to get me another pair of these pants. I knew the size and colour so I didn't need to be there myself.
  5. So guess what the storekeeper said?
    "What are you doing here?"
  6. I thought we had been through this already, but maybe they didn't remember him, and this is their stock question that they ask non-white people. But I'm not sure this is what they teach in retail service school.
    Before you start cursing white people, keep in mind that the store owners aren't white either.
  7. I guess the sad fact is that you don't have to be white to have racial biases.
  8. My relative told me that if he was shopping for himself he would have told them that he would shop elsewhere. But since he was on a mission for me, he bought the pants.
    Time to look for another store, I think.
  9. I'm really disappointed in my supposedly ethnically diverse and tolerant city.