Even though they made it exciting anyway
  1. Refusal or inability to play smallball
  2. Lack of faith in bullpen, so only some relievers were used, overexposing them
  3. Too great a reliance on Sanchez to the exclusion of others
  4. Brett Cecil getting hurt in previous round
  5. Too much focus on David Price's upcoming contract choices and whether that would affect how he was used.
  6. Refusal to pinch hit or pinch run in game-deciding situations
  7. Poor hitting with runners in scoring position
  8. Some questionable pitch selection by Russell Martin
  9. Some questionable hitting by Russell Martin
  10. Tulowitski not waking up til the latter part of the series
  11. Travis getting hurt at mid season and not coming back.
  12. The Royals were better: bullpen, timely hitting, been there recently.