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Random thoughts
  1. Toronto fans are crazy
  2. In America they'd of shut the entire stadium down if it got that hostile
  3. It was the craziest inning of baseball.
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Your mind will be blown
  1. Forrest Gump
    I saw Tom Hanks in Big when I was super young and for some reason I hated him in it, like made me cry hate. My parents couldn't explain why and I can't either. So Tom Hanks was dead to me until Toy Story.
  2. Every Sandra Bullock movie except Gravity
  3. Titanic
    I learned enough in school
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Random things that have bothered me today from worse to worst
  1. No milk for my captain crunch
  2. Sportscenter thinking anyone cares about the WNBA
  3. Tripping over 4 different dogs on one trip through the kitchen
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