By the time I decided to stop taking Oxycodone, I was taking 1,600mg every day, in addition to pregabalin and tramadol. I'd been taking it for about 10 years for fibromyalgia / chronic acute myofascial pain syndrome. I decided to stop taking it on 24.12.16 and took my last capsule on 12.02.16.
  1. Know that there is no way that you can live an emotionally fulfilling life while taking massive doses of opiates.
  2. Look around and see how many of your relationships have been lost or ruined since you started your journey of taking opiates.
  3. Recognise that your life has started to revolve around taking medication and that you have hijacked the lives of your loved ones in the same pursuit
  4. If you are a provider, reflect on how your ability to provide has been affected by the opiates.
  5. If you are a high achiever, reflect on how that steep ascension before the opiates, has now plateaued or is in decline since you started to take the opiates .
  6. If you are virile, reflect on how your interest in intimacy and ability to enjoy and fully perform has declined or diminished since starting the opiates.
  7. Observe the people, whom you once considered your peers, now living very different lives to you, while your life has been in 'freeze frame' since you started the opiates.
  8. If you have young children that have grown up around your opiate use, make a list of how many times you have failed to keep promises or commitments you made to them. Then, make another list of all the things that their peers have been doing or done, that your children have not.
  9. If you have been lucky enough to have your partner/spouse stay with you through your illness and use of opiates, wake up to the fact that although it might have made your relationship stronger, it hasn't made it better.
  10. Realise that the fact that you have allowed your illness to become the most important thing in your life has made everything else, not just less important, but MUCH LESS IMPORTANT.