Tips for Stopping Oxycodone I was taking 1,600mg every day, in addition to pregabalin and tramadol. I'd been taking it for about 10 years for fibromyalgia / chronic acute myofascial pain syndrome. I decided to stop taking it on 24.12.16 and took my last capsule on 12.02.16. These are my tips on how to stop taking massive doses.
  1. Be resolute. Nothing in your life will ever be harder than this. If you're not resolute, you will fail. There is a lot written about being resolute in philosophy, religion, history and business. It is a common theme in success stories.
  2. Don't be dissuaded by the enormity of the task; take it one hour at a time if you have to, but make a change. Be courageous, be committed, be resolute.
  3. Make no exceptions. From the very start, you should know that each time you make an exception, you are giving yourself a setback. Don't let anyone persuade you otherwise; there are no exceptions.
  4. Find an app that helps you to fix the timing of your medication so that you are no longer taking it on an ad hoc basis, but that you are following predetermined times and doses - have the daily total on the app reflect your average daily consumption. Importantly, if you're taking huge daily doses, space these out EVENLY to an equal dose every hour.
  5. Follow the app times and doses with ferocious tenacity and fortitude; whereas you might have previously increased the dose for a spike in pain - resist! Be resolute. Remember that nothing difficult in life has never been overcome without being resolute.
  6. Once you've been observing the predetermined times and doses for 3-4 days, make a manual intervention on the app that increases the time between doses by just 1 minute, to begin with. You won't notice the difference. Be strong. Live with the change for a day or two.
  7. Make another intervention on the app; this time, increase the time between doses by a further 4 minutes. Have courage. The difference is so minimal, you will hardly notice, but you may feel some difference.
  8. Follow this regime for no more than 3 days before you make another intervention; this time, another 5 minutes. Things are going to start to get harder now - you will feel the difference, but remember that you are strong, you are determined, you are resolute.
  9. If you have been on massive doses of Opiates, you can now expect your levels of pain to increase significantly. Prepare yourself and make your loved ones aware of your struggle. Persevere.
  10. Before a further 3 days have passed, make another intervention where you increase the intervals between doses by another 5 minutes. The pain is now going to increase significantly. Anguish will begin to appear. Don't give in - no exceptions; each exception is a set back and like the Spartan army, you are only moving forward.
  11. Within the next 3 days, make another intervention: Things are going to get really hard now because you are increasing the intervals by 10 minutes. Now, expect anxiety, anguish and a new gauge by which you measure pain . . . what you might have scored as a 10/10 in the past will seem almost irrelevant to the pain you now feel. Expect acute insomnia.
  12. Continue with the increase in intervals by 10 minutes every 2 or 3 days until you get to an interval of 3 hours between doses. By this point, your daily consumption will be dramatically less than when you started. . You may shed tears and have 'episodes' along the way, but celebrate your achievement and the fact that you have never relented!
  13. By this point, your body and mind starts to familiarise itself with what is happening. That doesn't make it easier, but it should give you the courage to increase the intervals by 20 or even 30 minutes every 2 or 3 days. You are going to be experiencing the symptoms above and shock, now; there will be pain, anguish, anxiety, desperation, and shock.
  14. Continue this regime until you get to 4 hour intervals between doses. At those point, you will not change the intervals again until.much later in the process. Now, you start to tritate down the doses: You're taking 8 doses per day, reduce every other dose by one unit (one pill or one capsule). Follow that regime for 2-3 days.
  15. By this point, your symptoms aren't getting worse anymore. This is the worst it is going to get. Time to reflect on your herculean achievement. You have achieved something extraordinary. Well done!
  16. Now, tritate down the doses so that all 8 doses are now at the same level. By saying your symptoms won't get worse, it doesn't mean that there are fewer tears or less anguish and depression, it just means that it won't get worse.
  17. After another 2-3 days, tritate alternate doses again by one unit. After the same period of time has passed, tritate down the other doses so that all doses are equalised again.
  18. Continue this regime until each dose is just two units. The Oxycodone I was taking came in an immediate release 20mg or 10mg capsule. I was taking the 20's. If you're the same, start to tritate ONE of each alternate dose to 10mg. Then, 2-3 days later, make equalise the doses again.
  19. If you continue the same regime in tritating down then equalising, you'll eventually be taking a single 10mg dose of Oxycodone every 4 hours. Now is the point at which you start to make interventions in the app by increasing the intervals by 10 mins, again. By this point, your symptoms from withdrawal will start to diminish, albeit slowly.
  20. Although your symptoms of withdrawal may be subsiding, you will invariably be feeling more of the underlying reason for you taking the meds to begin with. Be resolute - remember the reasons that you embarked upon this process to begin with.
  21. Continue to increase the intervals by whatever your courage/pain permits (, but never more than 30 minutes at once), until you get to 6 hour intervals. At this point, you may find that you are able to sleep a little more consistently, again. If not, increase the intensity of your physical routine (if possible) or consider taking a mild sleep aid.
  22. Once you start to sleep a little more consistently, it should give you the opportunity to eliminate one of your 4 daily doses. It becomes so much easier to increase the intervals or miss the odd dose once you have started to be able to eliminate a dose because you're sleeping.
  23. Strike while the iron is hot: skip two doses in a day in addition to the one you've eliminated through sleep. You're down to one capsule a day now . . . by this point you've already realised that it makes no difference to your underlying condition, anyway. This is the day that you take your last capsule.
  24. You've really done something unique, monumental, amazing, unprecedented. You did this. You were resolute. Take it, use it to do something with that will maintain your momentum to improve your wellbeing.