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  1. Rachel Bloom for Crazy Ex G!!
  2. G Rod for Jane the Virgin
  3. Casual
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  1. Delicious
  2. Basically a way to have cake for breakfast
  1. Rachel Bloom is awesome and weird
  2. I don't understand the draw to Josh Chan
  3. Finally something musical on tv that isn't lame
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  1. Pay off all debt - duh
  2. So many Hamilton tickets
  3. New York apartment
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I have time to do all of these things.
  1. Watch all of The West Wing
    Never seen it but would like to. There are 155 hour-long episodes...
  2. Learn to draw
    Like, really draw.
  3. Read Ron Chernow's Hamilton biography
    Having seen Broadway's Hamilton and obsessing over the recording has made this sound interesting. 832 pages!
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Exciting stuff. Yay Monday!
  1. Chicken Noodle Soup
    Condensed Campbell's is actual good. Who knew?
  2. Garlic Bread
  3. Sparkling Water
  4. The Mindy Project
    I'm constantly binging this show. Tonight I am not-so-patiently waiting for Hulu to upload the newest episode.
*the only one I did not see in person was Andrew Rannells (...watched a boot)
  1. 1.
    John Cameron Mitchell
    No one can compare. It's hard to describe but he just is Hedwig; mind, body, and soul. Experiencing his final Broadway show is one of the best moments of my life.
  2. 2.
    Michael C Hall
    My second Hedwig. I was so freaking excited to see "Dexter" playing Hedwig but once the show started I had completely forgotten any of that crap. MCHs voice and emotional depth really punched me in the heart. I only ever want Michael C Hall to be singing to me and I can't wait to see Lazarus in January. (Also, can we talk about those boyshorts...)
  3. 3.
    Neil Patrick Harris
    My first Hedwig. Sadly, I didn't really know much about Hedwig but I really wanted to see NPH in a show. So, I got myself a sweet seat and settled in only to have my idea of what theater and performance could be catapulted into the atmosphere. Hedwig and I do not share the same story but somehow we all can relate. Neil was hilarious and a wonderful showman but in retrospect I got more emotion from MCH and JCM.
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  1. Sneezing
  2. Coughing
  3. Feeling like I was drowning in snot
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Too many! These are a select few.
  1. Big Business
    Two Bette Midlers and two Lily Tomlins. Separated at birth and raised in different social settings only to be brought back together in adulthood to save the Jupiter Hollow factory. Yea. It's good.
  2. Chalet Girl
    Felicity Jones plays a former skateboarder turned snowboarder while employed as a live-in service worker for a wealthy family in the Alps. Of course, she falls in love with Ed Westwick, as anyone would, all while trying to get past the pain of her mother's death and win $$ for her dad in a snowboarding competition. And did I forget to mention Bill Nighy and Sophia Bush also costar? Yup, I'm in.
  3. Bio-Dome
    Ah, Pauly Shore. I don't even care what anybody says. This movie is hysterical.
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