Too many! These are a select few.
  1. Big Business
    Two Bette Midlers and two Lily Tomlins. Separated at birth and raised in different social settings only to be brought back together in adulthood to save the Jupiter Hollow factory. Yea. It's good.
  2. Chalet Girl
    Felicity Jones plays a former skateboarder turned snowboarder while employed as a live-in service worker for a wealthy family in the Alps. Of course, she falls in love with Ed Westwick, as anyone would, all while trying to get past the pain of her mother's death and win $$ for her dad in a snowboarding competition. And did I forget to mention Bill Nighy and Sophia Bush also costar? Yup, I'm in.
  3. Bio-Dome
    Ah, Pauly Shore. I don't even care what anybody says. This movie is hysterical.
  4. Just Wright
    Queen Latifah is a sports physical trainer and Common is an injured basketball player. Plus, Phylicia Rashad plays his mother!? Yea, count me in every time I run across this on tv.
  5. One Fine Day
    Maybe my introduction to George Clooney? Definitely not my intro to Michelle Pfeiffer because obvi I had seen Grease 2. This one ranks right up there with You've Got Mail for me (which will not be on this list because no one should be ashamed to watch it). Additional bonus is there are cats in it and an adorable young Mae Whitman.
  6. Weird Science
    I probably first saw this when I was 7 or 8. It has come to my attention later in life that I watched many movies at quite a young age.
  7. Risky Business
    Also young when I first saw this one (and Cocktail). Very inappropriate for a youngster. Hey, it was the early 90s and back then kids did whatever they wanted to do or at least I did.
  8. The Santa Clause
    Classic Christmas film. Grew up in a Home Improvement watching household so this was a no-brainer. Doesn't even need to be the holidays to enjoy this one.
  9. Twister
    Cow....another cow. I'm sure I don't have to tell you it was actually the same cow. I love this movie and have seen it so many times. I really wanted to look as cool as Helen Hunt did with her tank top and tan shirt/pant combo after seeing this. Sadly, I never achieved that.