Inspired by @ListPrompts a weekday in the life of me
  1. Up at 5ish and out with my dog.
  2. Train to Boston where I run a substance abuse treatment clinic.
  3. Hope that all emails and voicemails are good news about people wanting treatment or making progress.
  4. Fearing that the messages are about people who didn't make it.
  5. Working on ways to reach people before heroin laced with fentanyl takes their lives.
  6. Meet with clients and listen to their history and present circumstances and try to instill a sense of hope in them for the future or at least for the day and sometimes for the hour.
  7. Meet with clinicians for supervision and help them figure out how to maintain hope for their clients' future.
  8. Go to clinical and administrative meetings and try to sound like I know what I'm doing.
  9. Talk with community members to educate them about addiction and hopefully get rid of stigma.
  10. Hop on the train to my other office and see private practice clients who are not so different from the clients I see during the day except that they have more resources.
  11. Go home, hug my dog, say my prayers and get ready for the next day.