I love dogs, sometimes more than people. Please feel free to share pics of dogs you know.
  1. My sweet basset-lab mix, Memphis.
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  2. My last dog, Betty. The most stubborn dog ever, but I loved her dearly.
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  3. My sister's dog, Paris, a pug-Boston terrier mix.
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  4. Paris again, playing tug-o-war.
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  5. Memphis again giving me the stink eye.
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  6. My friend's dog, Hazel. She was hiding in shame after vomiting on the rug while I was dog sitting. Poor girl, I had to crawl back there with her to convince her that she hadn't done anything wrong.
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  7. Memphis again kayaking.
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  8. My brother's dog Lexi, the white one with Bailey, Memphis' buddy.
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  9. I don't know this dog but she commutes into Boston on the same train I take and makes everyone smile.
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  10. I met this dog at Halibut Point State Park and had to take a pic. I think he's a wizard.
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  11. Ok one more of Memphis showcasing her stumpy legs.
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  12. My friend's poodle, Francine. She has yet to learn the meaning of modesty.
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  13. This service dog that i sat next to on a flight to Austin last year. I wish my dog were a service dog.
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  14. My brother's dog-in-law (mother-in-law's dog), a greyhound with a huge schnoz.
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  15. Another immodest dog. This is the corgi at the inspection station where I get my car inspected every year. The dog is the reason I keep going back there.
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  16. This is Goofy. A fellow Bassador, (basset-lab mix)we met at the dog park.
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  17. This is my friend's basset who appears to be in a drunken stupor.
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  18. Serene, my former roommate's dog whom I called psyhohyperyipyip dog. She ate 3 of my shoes, 2 belts and 2 books including "The Problem of Pain" by C. S. Lewis.
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  19. Ok one more of Memphis enjoying dog beach season aka winter.
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  20. Alright, so this is a not a dog, just a llama at the Bronx Zoo who liked me a little too much.
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