Dogs I Know

I love dogs, sometimes more than people. Please feel free to share pics of dogs you know.
  1. My sweet basset-lab mix, Memphis.
  2. My last dog, Betty. The most stubborn dog ever, but I loved her dearly.
  3. My sister's dog, Paris, a pug-Boston terrier mix.
  4. Paris again, playing tug-o-war.
  5. Memphis again giving me the stink eye.
  6. My friend's dog, Hazel. She was hiding in shame after vomiting on the rug while I was dog sitting. Poor girl, I had to crawl back there with her to convince her that she hadn't done anything wrong.
  7. Memphis again kayaking.
  8. My brother's dog Lexi, the white one with Bailey, Memphis' buddy.
  9. I don't know this dog but she commutes into Boston on the same train I take and makes everyone smile.
  10. I met this dog at Halibut Point State Park and had to take a pic. I think he's a wizard.
  11. Ok one more of Memphis showcasing her stumpy legs.
  12. My friend's poodle, Francine. She has yet to learn the meaning of modesty.
  13. This service dog that i sat next to on a flight to Austin last year. I wish my dog were a service dog.
  14. My brother's dog-in-law (mother-in-law's dog), a greyhound with a huge schnoz.
  15. Another immodest dog. This is the corgi at the inspection station where I get my car inspected every year. The dog is the reason I keep going back there.
  16. This is Goofy. A fellow Bassador, (basset-lab mix)we met at the dog park.
  17. This is my friend's basset who appears to be in a drunken stupor.
  18. Serene, my former roommate's dog whom I called psyhohyperyipyip dog. She ate 3 of my shoes, 2 belts and 2 books including "The Problem of Pain" by C. S. Lewis.
  19. Ok one more of Memphis enjoying dog beach season aka winter.
  20. Alright, so this is a not a dog, just a llama at the Bronx Zoo who liked me a little too much.