Let Me Tell You a Ghost Story 👻

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I always say I don't believe in ghosts. However, when I hear a story or have an experience like the one below, I question my disbelief.
  2. Four years ago I rented an in-law apartment from a friend while getting established in my career. She travelled 2-3 weeks a month for work.
  3. Both of her parents had passed away a few years before that, each from long term illnesses.
  4. My friend had had one or two parties with a medium in her house and tried to contact her parents before I lived there.
  5. She would say things like, "my mom sends me messages from time to time when I'm misbehaving."
  6. I didn't ask how because, frankly, I knew it would freak me out.
  7. When she travelled, I took care of her dogs so I was upstairs in the main part of the house pretty regularly.
  8. The first incident that happened was, of course, when she was out of town. I heard a noise on the main floor late at night and went up to check it out.
    Looking back, that was totally the dumbest thing I could have done. That's when all the people in scary movies get murdered.
  9. Perhaps I felt a little brave because I had three dogs with me even though all they would have done was lick the ghost to death or to life.
  10. The noise was from a valance that had fallen off of a window.
    I didn't think anything of it, picked it up and set it on the couch to take care of in the morning. I assumed the bracket had come loose from the wall.
  11. The next day I went in to hang it back up and the bracket was intact. The curtain rod was also undamaged. The house was on a quiet residential street so there were no large trucks driving by that could have shaken the house. I could not come up with an explanation but I didn't think much about it until...
  12. A few months later I was in my apartment watching tv and my friend was out for the evening. The dogs were downstairs with me when I heard a thud on the main floor. Again, I went upstairs to check it out and looked in all the rooms except the foyer and didn't find anything.
  13. Later that night when my friend came home, the dogs ran upstairs to greet her and I followed to tell her about the noise. When I walked into the foyer, a portrait of her parents was lying face down on the floor.
    The nail was still perfectly in place in the wall and the hanger in the back of the portrait was securely fastened.
  14. I told her that must have been the noise I heard. She said, "oh my mother is telling me she's not happy with me."
    I got so freaked out that I yelled at her, "oh great! Now I'm freaked out. Can you tell your damn mother not to send you messages when I'm the only one home, please?!"
  15. Nothing happened for a few months so I think her mother listened.
  16. And then
  17. I came home early from work one day and my friend was working from home. I stopped upstairs to get my mail and was talking to her. She had the tv on and while we were talking it started shutting off and turning back on by itself.
    At first I thought my friend was doing it but the remote was on the counter across the kitchen. She said, "oh that's my mother. She's been sending me messages like that all day."
  18. I yelled at her again and told her to tell her mother to cut it out now that I was home.
  19. I moved out a month later, not because of the mother's creepy messages. I moved closer to work but I certainly did not miss her mother.
  20. Maybe I believe just enough to be spooked.