Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. 1. Me with my dog the day I picked her up from the rescue truck.
  2. 2. Seven months after I renewed my registration, I remembered to put the sticker on my plate. I only remembered because my brother noticed it was expired. The photo makes me smile and appreciate my brother.
  3. 3. This chicken that was very free range and roaming around in the woods next to the lake where I had just taken my dog kayaking.
  4. 4. My dog staring at said chicken.
  5. 5. This action figure I found in a store in NH. Makes me glad I'm a dog person.
  6. 6. My nephew reprogrammed my phone to call me "Poop".i had to text my niece to ask how to change it back. Then I forgot to change it and upgraded my phone so the salesperson saw it.
  7. 7. No explanation needed.