Questions From a First Time Uber User

My flight back to Boston tonight is delayed by 2 hours. I'll arrive one half hour after the last Logan Express shuttle so I finally had a reason to sign up for Uber. Somehow, I have fewer concerns about getting into a cab with a total stranger at 1:45am than I do with getting into an Uber car with a total stranger at 1:45am.
  1. Which is a better option, Uber or a taxi?
  2. Do I tip an Uber driver?
  3. How quickly do Uber drivers show up once I call or summons one via the app?
  4. Do I sit in the back or front seat?
  5. What if the person is a homicidal maniac?
    I would definitely give the driver a bad review if that were the case, but is there a background check done or at least a driving record check?
  6. Its up to u really if ur really concerned dont tax urself just get a cab or uber whatever makes u feel comfortable :) hope u have a nice safe flight
    Suggested by   @fm
  7. I havent had a homicidal maniac yet but i did have a guy who told me he was the heavy weight hampion of some bare knuckle boxing gave me some life lessons too lolzzz he was just lying but he was ok.
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  8. U shud also sit at the back in an uber. Uber doesn't ask u to tip coz its included in there fare but i do tip depending on the length of the ride in cash.
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  9. @AlyciaCT hi welcome back to Boston u shud confirm this but someone recently told me that uber can't pick u up from the arrival terminal theres some weird thing with them and the taxis at the airport. They can pick u up at the airport parking lot though but not at the gate. Also taxis are super safe ive used them two of three times even at night.
    Suggested by   @fm