The Perfect Road Trip 🚗

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Boston to Los Angeles in 7 days, October 2001. A grad school friend had to move home to live with her parents because of a serious illness. Although it was for a sad reason, the trip was a whirlwind of fun.
  2. Toyota Tercel packed to the gills with my friend's belongings including her bunny whose cage took up the entire back seat.
  3. First stop - Niagara Falls
  4. Under the falls
  5. Dandelion the bunny with his yellow stuffed animal friend.
    When we crossed the Canadian border the guard asked what we had in the car so we gave the short list. Then I said, "oh and a bunny". He asked, "a bunny?" I said, "yes, in the back seat. Can't you see it?" "I see a yellow bunny," he replied. I pulled forward a little and he finally saw the real bunny. The guard who at first could only see the stuffed animal told us for a minute he thought we were crazy but he was going to let us into Canada anyway.
  6. Next stop, Chicago where we each saw friends. I had the brilliant idea to get my belly button pierced two days into a 7 day road trip. I do NOT recommend this especially when hungover. Although, Fat Joe's Jade Dragon Tattoo and Body Piercing was a pretty cool place.
    This was the before pic. Too much pain for an after pic.
  7. Dandelion the bunny was allowed to hang out on top of his cage now and then.
  8. Iowa
  9. Viking hat photos with new friends at the Iowa Welcome/Danish Windmill Museum.
    Our middle aged Viking hat clad friends recommended we go see the 30 foot tall statue called Albert the Bull but we were behind schedule.
  10. Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs
    We drove from Chicago to Colorado Springs in 18 hours straight through. Then I rang the wrong doorbell at 2am thinking we were at my uncle's house. Hopefully his neighbors didn't hold it against him.
  11. My uncle's dog matched his house.
  12. The Grand Canyon after sunset.
    We totally forgot that Arizona is not on daylight savings time and thought we had another hour before sunset. What we could see was pretty amazing all 15 minutes of it.
  13. Sunset at the Grand Canyon.
  14. Slept here. It was as old timey as it looks in the pic.
  15. Spent some time on Route 66.
  16. They pulled up next to us, took our pic and sped away. I caught up to them and repaid the favor.
  17. Gallup NM, beautiful place.
  18. View of desert from the Gallup Cultural Center.
  19. Painted desert
  20. Dandelion looks sweet but he stands his ground. I let him hop around my hotel room one evening and he pulled a 12-18 inch strip of wallpaper off of the wall. When I tried to get it from him, he growled and ran after me flailing his front paws. He had wallpaper for dinner that night.
  21. San Gabriel Mountains with smog rising up over them. This was the first time I had seen smog. I asked my friend why the fog was brown.
  22. We visited Balboa Island before I flew home.
  23. I always have to take pictures of dogs. The day I flew back to Boston.
  24. My friend recovered from her illness and returned to school a year later.