Things I Will Not Miss About Commuting Into Boston

This is a rant, so please don't read if you don't want to read complaints. I have two years of resentment built up against the MBTA and my last day on the train is tomorrow so I'm letting it out in list form. :)
  1. The damn MBTA.
    Worst transit system in the country. I liken them to Donald Trump. They treat people with no respect and any time hey are called out on their poor service, bad behavior or sketchy practices and lies, they shift the blame and try to make the commuters out to be the bad guys.
  2. Tourists on he Commuter Rail.
    For 2 years, tourists have been getting in the way when I've just been trying to get to work. I know they bring in revenue to the city but i wish they would be restricted to weekends.
  3. People falling asleep and leaning over onto me on the train. Then snoring.
    Incredibly awkward.
  4. People who jump into a pool of perfume or cologne before they get on the train.
    I get it, they like their favorite scent but it should be subtle. It shouldn't slam into my nose like a prize fighter's fist.
  5. People who don't wear perfume but should or should at least shower before getting on the train.
  6. People who let their children run up and down the aisles of the train and scream and whine especially on the commute home.
  7. Most of all, I will not miss people who do not give up their seats for elderly or disabled people or pregnant women especially when they are seated in priority seating.
  8. ***********************************
  9. Starting Thursday, I will have the joy of commuting ALONE in my car, by myself, with no one else to hear or smell.