Probably more appropriately titled: Racing thoughts I had when I was pulled over recently.
  1. Damn, did he see me look at my phone?
    I don't even remember why I looked at my phone. What do I tell him? What do I mean, what do I tell him? I'm actually thinking about lying to a cop? What have I become?
  2. Was I speeding?
    I don't think I was speeding. What's the speed limit on this street? I didn't see any signs posted. What kind of town doesn't post the speed limit?! The kind of town with speed traps. That's what kind of town.
  3. Wait, do I get my license and registration out before he walks up to my car or do I wait until he gets here?
    If I wait until he gets to my car, will he think I'm reaching for a gun or will he think I'm reaching for a gun if I get them before he gets here. Or what if he thinks I'm hiding something illegal? Really? Wait, I don't have a gun or any illegal items. I live a quiet boring life. I have nothing to hide.
  4. Oh he pulled me over for having a running light out?
    What's a running light? Is that a tail light? Who calls them running lights? I thought running lights were on the front - daytime running lights like my mom had on an old car. she thought they were her headlights so for two years she drove around at night without her real headlights on.
  5. Phew, not even a written warning. Thank you officer.