In order of most wanted
  1. Sit 'N Spin
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    I keep hoping they'll make an adult sized one of these.
  2. Easy Bake Oven
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    Mom: "we can make cookies in real oven together." Me:"not the same, Mom, not the same!"
  3. Big Wheel
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    Didn't even get the knock-off version like my brother got.
  4. Hoppity - Mickey Mouse Version
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  5. Speak & Spell
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    If I had gotten this, I'm sure I would have come in first instead of second place in my 6th grade spelling bee.
  6. Lite Brite
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    The only reason I liked to play at my friend Tiffany's house was because she had a Lite Brite. (I'm a much better friend as an adult than I was as a child.)
  7. Mr. Potato Head
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    My grandma had one for when my siblings and I visited but it just was not enough Mr. Potato Head time.
  8. Sea Monkeys
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    I knew other kids who had these and they told me they didn't actually look like monkeys. I, however, was convinced that mine would look like the picture on the box.