Weird Gifts I've Received and Held Onto for a While Out of Guilt

Some have "gotten lost in the move". I've had to move a lot over the years so I could use this excuse. Others are stored in "Alycia's Guilt Box" and displayed only when the gift giver is visiting.
  1. Musical bird cage with a fake bird in it that swings and plays "Wind Beneath My Wings"
    I kept this for a few years in case my Aunt visited. Then sold it at a yard sale to someone who was alarmingly excited to buy it.
  2. Animatronic pug that played "Who Let the Dogs Out" when you pressed its paw.
    Lost in the move.
  3. Matching rain gear for me and my dog.
    I probably love my dog too much but there's a limit. Lost in the move.
  4. Small dog statue holding a welcome sign in its mouth.
    This is too big for the guilt box but was not eligible for getting lost in the move since I haven't moved since I received it. It is kept in the coat closet, displayed only when my parents visit.
  5. China doll with blonde braided hair and eyes that open and close that my aunt thought looked like me.
    Lost in the move. Actually, this never made it to my home. China dolls with eyes that open and close are in the same category as clowns - SCARY! Any time I've ever seen a China doll in a scary movie, the eyes open suddenly while loud music in a minor key is playing in the background. They should be illegal. I think I just experienced a flashback.
  6. An all flute jazz cd.
    Guilt box. I played the flute for 7 years. I like the flute and I like jazz but that was A LOT of both and together.