1. I'm calmer now, there's more peace
  2. I wouldn't want to go back to 25, but I'd take that body
  3. I genuinely give zero fucks about who does and does not come out of my past with HBD FB posts, I know who loves me
  4. Self care and intentional living are my goals for the year. Happy Mama, happy family
  5. Salt-and-Pepa will always make me smile
  6. Tacos are the best
  7. So is my husband, parents and sister
  8. I wish we had more time together, we should take more photos
  9. Thanks to the guy in the Caddy at the light by the taco truck playing "In da Club" "go shorty, it's your birthday"
  10. I am truly blessed with wonderful people around me. A dinner out with three tables of people from different ages/stages/places of my life. For someone who always fears (and still does) not having a place and friends in the world, I need to take a minute to step back and appreciate my friends