Difficult may be an understatement
  1. I like to think of myself as low maintenance. I do not require much. I don't ask for help. I want you to be happy. It is in this that I'm finding I am actually very difficult. I'm annoyingly agreeable to the point where I lose myself. I have lately tried therapy for a multitude of reasons. And I was not understood... at all.
  2. Some reasons are incredibly painful. And all I was told was get off my butt and be happy. While this sounds like a wonderful solution... I don't think that is worth the money I paid you to tell me. .. or even helpful. Hence... I wouldn't be here if that's all I needed to do.
  3. This in a Terrible time in the USA. The hate that is upon us. But it's always been there. Which is devastating. However. It's been in the light. And those not aware of it are now in the know. I am proud of the stand against hate.
  4. Makes me feel like my issues are small beans.
  5. I personally am suffering in privileged life and I don't feel I deserve to complain. Except my anger about what the bigger picture is. (Fuck)
  6. This is basically a rant.
  7. Deep breaths.
  8. Can you be incredibly depressed and also happy?