1. Landed. Our Uber driver's kids are in a band, which he played for us the entire way to the hotel. They are 11 & 12 and go by Pinkletank b/c their nicknames are Pinkle & Tank.
  2. Walked around downtown, tried on boots. Realized we'll never be able to pull off boots. Got candy instead.
  3. Joyride (golf cart) field trip to 5 Points in East Nashville. Ate an amazing meal at Marche Artisan Foods -- get the fruit tartine appetizer, it's unreal.
  4. Walked around the Shoppes on Fatherland. Smelled a million candles. Bought more candy.
  5. Tried to get dinner on Broadway with a party of 9 with a million conferences in town & a major hockey game on. Took forever but ended up on the roof deck at Rock Bottom, so basically drank our dinner & enjoyed the view!
  6. Wandered around Printers Alley, dared someone to get a tattoo (no one did), stopped by a karaoke bar & landed at Layla's for a while.
  7. Got up Sat. morning for the singer/songwriter session at the Country Music Hall of Fame, saw Gary Nicholson, who was awesome. Songs & stories, then ran around the museum.
  8. Lunch at the Acme - yay ribs! More music! My dad flipped out b/c he thought he'd lost his glasses, which he'd actually just left back at the hotel. A glimpse into the future -- he's gonna be a volatile old man...
  9. Bought a tank top & more candy.
  10. Went to the reason for our trip & cheered my stepmom on as she became an OT Fellow.
  11. OT after party in my parents' suite. Apparently my stepmom is one of the cool kids if occupational therapy - their room looked like the Rolling Stones had been through it after we were done.
  12. Caught fireworks, then danced our asses off to the Mad Hatters Finest cover band at the Tin Roof. Great way to end the trip!
  13. Still here for 2 hours, any suggestions?!
  14. @gabimoskowitz The airport agrees with your recommendations:
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