If they do, please tell me where, I need them.
  1. A unicorn
  2. A gecko
  3. A dragon actually breathing fire
  4. A cartoon punch with a zig-zag lined POW! declaration
  5. A pirate
  6. A ninja
  7. A ninja vs. a pirate
  8. A mic drop
  9. A smiley that's clearly coughing. It would save me from having to spell out "cough" "liar!" with greater/less than signs
  10. A smiley with a finger in front of its mouth "Shhh" (it's a secret)
  11. An eye roll
  12. A narwhal
  13. A pregnant woman
    Suggested by @evehewson
  14. A pregnant woman with a big red X through it
    Suggested by @evehewson
  15. a Kokopelli
    Suggested by @Aliiice
  16. A can of SPAM.
    Suggested by @evan