I woke up knowing today was going to be shitty. I don't know how, but I just knew. I was super anxious until some bad news came in, and now I'm just a little bummed. A project I was really rooting for didn't go forward. Here's how I'm dealing, please ADD SUGGESTIONS for pulling yourself out of a funk:
  1. Called my best friend. She doesn't live in the same city but an hour on the phone was the closest I could get to a hang out.
  2. Watched 1/2 hour comedies in bed.
  3. Finally made myself get up and do a few productive things around the house, even though they were the last thing I wanted to do.
  4. Was still anxious (I must be psychic) so I took a Xanax.
  5. Decided work on a painting. My husband came home and found my choice of studio (my kitchen floor) rather odd. His teasing helped.
  6. Talked to Matt (husband) about said anxiety.
  7. Now we're hanging out trying to pick fun movies or something to do and I am just blank. Any suggestions? How do you dig yourself out?