1. Over-plucking my eyebrows
    That's some permanent damage. I've used many a growth serum so they're at least normal now and still one bald spot remains. Sadly I will never be able to rock Cara Delevingne brows.
  2. Never telling my 9th grade crush that I ❤️ed him
    I mean, probably nothing would have happened, but come on, he should know.
  3. Over-layering my hair
    Now this concept terrifies me.
  4. Buying anything from The Gap/Old Navy just cuz it was on sale
    At some point I woke up and realized half my wardrobe was a bland pastel shirt that I didn't even like/had quickly stained and only purchased because it was $12.
  5. Driving through my neighbor's garage door
    To quote Cher Horowitz, "You try driving in platforms."